Friday, October 16, 2009

Settling into a new life

This year my life has been a whirlwind of challenges and blessings, culminating in our move to Greenville, SC. I'm grateful to live only a short drive from my parents now. It's interesting to transition back to the East Coast after 18 years in Southern California. I'm excited to get back into the rhythm of the seasons. I've been looking forward to walks along the paths in Fall Park. Ironically, I fell and sprained my ankle just a few weeks after we arrived so I have yet to enjoy those walks. I picture myself walking the paths in my mind though as I'm healing!

Another new venture is writing on as the Greenville Spirituality & Wellness Examiner. It will be another chance to write about my favorite topics and I will continue to blog (or return to blogging) on my Well Soul blog just located now at If I'm lucky I may earn enough from my online writing to pay for some of my seminary textbooks :)

Hope the fall season finds you well in body and in spirit.